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Treating Complex Wounds

Treating chronic lower extremity wounds is a challenge for all wound types. Our Human Placental Connective Tissue Matrix is a particularized form of the placental Extra Cellular Matix comprising amnion and umbilical cord provides an effective alternative to other skin replacement products.

The contiguous particularized sheets contain a myriad of cell attachment proteins (CAP) including collagen, proteoglycans, polysaccharides and cytokine/growth factors (GF’s) that, combined with the structural aspects of the placental connective tissue matrix, act as a scaffold for cell infiltration and proliferation.

Wound types for treatment with Dermavest & Plurivest:

• Partial and Full Thickness Wounds
• Drainage Wounds
• Trauma Wounds (abrasions, lacerations, and skin tears)
• Second Degree Burns
• Diabetic Ulcers
• Pressure Ulcers
• Venous Ulcers
• Chronic Vascular Ulcers
• Surgical (donor sites/grafts post-surgical, post-laser surgery, podiatric).

Advantages of Dermavest/Plurivest.
• Human Placental, Umbilical Cord, Amnion, and Chorion packaged as a freeze-dried sterile particulate pad with 3 year shelf life
• More Tissue per cm2 than other placenta-based Extra Cellular Matrix.
• Swells to cover the wound – Complete contact with the wound eliminates separation from bed
• Open architecture and increased surface area allows for easier cell migration and exudate absorption
• Easy to use and mold for deeper wounds
• More protein content is known to facilitate cell migration and growth.
• No up or downside, may be applied both ways, most other substitutes are thin clear sheets which must be applied one way and typically need to be placed in saline prior to use/some must be shipped frozen w a limited usable life.
• Placental Disc extracts are known to be antimicrobial, allowing growth factors/proteins to take over wound bed and control bio-burden; when used with Microcyn yields best chance to heal. Most significant healing should occur in 1st 4 weeks noting a second application is rarely needed-not the case w competition.

Introducing Dermavest, the next generation in placental ECM based skin substitute.  A game-changer in treatment of pressure ulcers, diabetic ulcers, deep wounds, venous ulcers, and burn wound care.

Difficult to heal and deep wounds heal fast using Plurivest and Dermavest in tandem. See the case study below.

More ECM per pad to jump-start cell migration and repopulation

  • 5x more tissue per cm2 than amnion-chorion
  • Greater surface area allows for complete contact which eliminates separation from wound bed
  • Open architecture to allow easier cell migration
  • Mixed with anti-bacterial solution capturing important proteins and expelling contaminants
  • Freeze dried and e-beam irradiated
  • Easy to handle and more robust
  • Three year shelf life at room temperature

Have your Doctor or DPM contact Moab Medical for pricing and availability in your area.

Easy to use!

Spreads to cover over 2x its listed size
Can be molded to fit deep and tunneled wounds
Maintains contact with the wound bed and does not float off.

Case Study:

87-year-old patient with sacral pressure ulcer treated with santyl and dressing change for 7 months (about 50% reduction) then stalled for 6 weeks. Then Dermavest applied.

picture of a deep ulcer
Plurivest Product Applied to Wound – 4.25 cm2
picture of a ulcer wound healing
Filled in 3 Days Later then Dermavest Applied
Wound almost healed
1.08 cm2 Epithelizing nicely Treating with Allevyn only






Diabetic ulcer wound healed
Wound Healed



“I have found Dermavest to be effective in the treatment of chronic diabetic wounds as well as wounds complicated by venous insufficiency or arterial problems. …. It is very effective on deep wounds especially after an amputation were I am left with an open wound.” – Joseph Tarantino, DP, FACFAS, FAPWCA

“.. I am confident that there is not another product on the market today that would have performed so quickly on such a difficult wound and difficult patient to treat

Christopher Gauland, DPM, FACFAS


Manufactured at tissue bank with 25 years experience

Every lot tested for biocompatibility

FDA inspected – no violations

Normal, Healthy full Term Pregnancies

Have your Doctor or DPM contact Moab Medical for pricing and availability in your area.