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Microcyn® Technology Platform

Microcyn® Technology Platform  Mechanism of Action We believe Microcyn® Technology’s ability to reduce the need for antibiotics through prevention and treatment of infections, while promoting wound healing, is based on its uniquely engineered chemistry. As a result of a patented manufacturing process, Microcyn® is a proprietary solution of oxychlorine compounds that, among other things, interacts […]

Overuse and abuse of Anti-biotics

Overuse of Antibiotics Has Contributed to Superbugs Antibiotic Resistance

  The mission of Oculus is to focus on innovation of new technologies that will reduce the overall use of antibiotics in the market.   The Problem The over-use and abuse of antibiotics has lead to the proliferation of superbugs, like MRSA, VRE, and Pseudomonas. A New Era in Anti-Infectives Microcyn Wound Care offers a […]