Microcyn Skin and Wound Care with Preservatives

Microcyn® A Powerful Solution

Skin and Wound Care with Preservatives Microcyn® contains no antibiotics, and as a result, evidence to date indicates it does not promote antibiotic resistance. Broad Utility, Microcyn® can be used to cleanse, irrigate,  and aid in the debridement of a vast array of post-surgical wound types With no contraindications, Microcyn® can be used in almost all […]

Moab Medical Wound Care Products

Microcyn® Technology Platform

Microcyn® Technology Platform  Mechanism of Action We believe Microcyn® Technology’s ability to reduce the need for antibiotics through prevention and treatment of infections, while promoting wound healing, is based on its uniquely engineered chemistry. As a result of a patented manufacturing process, Microcyn® is a proprietary solution of oxychlorine compounds that, among other things, interacts […]