Versajet improves surgeon control

Versajet II Improves Surgeon Control

VERSAJET II builds upon the clinical efficacy of VERSAJET; however, its improved system design significantly enhances ease-of-use and improves surgeon control:

  • Used for Burn Therapy, Orthopedics, Trauma, Plastic Surgery,  & Chronic Wounds
  • Improved key-lock connection between the handpiece and the console for easier set-up
  • Gravity prime upon locked connection for faster set-up and improved fluid circulation through the handpiece
  • Illuminating locking ring: green light indicates positive engagement and confirms readiness for use
  • Power setting foot control: enables the user to change power settings from the foot pedal, improving ease of adjustment and control
  • Larger screen view for quick verification from a distance



VERSAJET II is only made available under a valid contract. Please contact your Moab Medical VERSAJET II sales representative for additional information and to learn more about your conversion plan to the VERSAJET II Hydrosurgery System.


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